On January 27, 1989, the Island Council of the Island Territory authorize the Excecutive Council to enter into an agreement with Statia Terminal N.V. , and the Island Territory commited itself to designate the referenced area “Tumble Down Dick” as a Free Trade Zone area, and accepted Statia Terminal as an entrepreneur established in a free trade zone.

In according with the term of the Economic Zone ordinance (2001 National Ordinance E-Zone) all Free Trade Zone and all entities previously admitted to Free Zone are automatically admitted to the new E-Zone

In St. Eustatius the only E-Zone is the area known as “Tumble Down Dick” (bordered on the one side by the Caribbean Sea and on the other sides by Island Territory land and “Schotsenhoek”.


The tax facilities offered to E-Zone companies are:

  • 0% import, export and excise duties;
  • 2% profit tax on export profits;
  • 0% sales tax;
  • 0% land and property taxes.

So far the information about the E-Zone.


Saba doesn’t have any E-Zone.